Finally Up & Running

Hi gang,

Well, its taken some time but the website for the family is finally up and running.

The aim is to give family members an opportunity to have their own tailored email service at the domain as well as provide an ability for a site to post pix and blogs – kind of a family photo album and diary. Each family member will have their own email address ( and each family unit will have a tab on the home page so that they can upload pix and comments within their own sub-site.

There are also a few useful widgets like a calendar and a weather widget. the calendar has already been programmed with individual family members’ birthdays and users can also insert other key events as a reminder for themselves or others.

I hope that family members find this a useful utility and a practical way to update family on news, events and pix. Particularly since we are geographically spread!

Separately, I will be circulating tutorials and tips on how to upload content and edit the site, as well as usernames and passwords for email. I will also crculate email browser configuration for email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) and webmail access protocols.

Welcome to the site and good luck with your orientation.